Hi there
I am Felix Genzmer and I work as a Art Director for online media. Beside my company related work. I am interested in character design. Lablob.com reflects a small part of my private work.
You can find my professional work here: http://portfolio.lablob.com

Have a nice day

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Felix Genzmer

    I am very impressed with your illustrations, especially ‘four kim’
    Actually I attached one of your arts to my blog without your permission.
    If you mind it, I will delete it.
    Thank you.

    best regards,
    Jaehyun Park

  2. Hey Felix,

    I work for an online media startup based on the TV/cross screen space and your old school TV design is perfect for a holiday card that we’d like to send out to our clients.

    Are you okay with us printing holiday cards including your design, with attribution of course?


  3. Hey Lauren

    Great that you like my designs.
    You are talking about this one right?

    I really appreciate you actual asking me and not just ripping it of like sadly many people just do.
    It is ok if you use under the following conditions my design for a print on your you cards

    It is a one time usage and only used for the cards as mentioned.
    Please mention me in a way like:
    Designed by Lablob or
    or maybe even if possible URL: lablob.com/blog

    And as a last favour can you end me a copy of your card as well?
    I will scan ist and post it on my blog with mentioning your company.

    My address is:
    Felix Genzmer
    Am Windhop 11
    22145 Stapelfeld

    Is this cool with you?

    Looking forward hearing from you

  4. Hey Felix,

    That’s awesome – thanks so much! Such a cute design!

    I’ll definitely include the mention as a shout out 🙂

    For a copy of the card, I think I can also send an electronic copy or a physical card. Whatever you prefer.

    Really appreciate it!

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