4 thoughts on “Say hello to the new Cafe Mushroom logo!

  1. hello artist……im sub-representative of korea oldmen association kyonggdo ,cheongpyong,samwheirhee branch south korea. my village organized mushroom farming since 2011 support by korea goverment. for selling fresh mushrooms ,we just build small shop .near 150years old oak tree.it located entrance of villages.we(village people) like to buy one coin coffee machine for buyer and visitors.coffee cost 300 won per cup(us 28cent).like any other coffee machine on the street.
    i think there is no real mushroom cafe in south korea, this willbe first one.
    i m serchin and searchin for mushroom cafe( i never think its exisist) internet.
    then few days later i found your design. its more than fantastic(no more word need). i need your opinion and agreement for showing your design to all visitors.
    if youre agreed( my imagine only yet),signboard will be 1mx1m and your great name willbe listed. my village people ,they are not know yet. pls consider and let them have good news. wait your reply. thanks.

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